Golden Gun Fusion Bellydance

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Liz Hays

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Liz Hays has been belly dancing since late 2004 when her mother brought her to a class under the instruction of Renee Bishop. Her mother stayed for one class, but Lizzie has been dancing ever since. She soon joined her very first performance group "Shimmies in Motion" and with them was able to perform at local Children's Festivals, Arts Festivals, Convention Centers and Kennywood Amusement Park. She also began to teach bellydance classes at both Renee's studio in Sewickley as well as Bethel Park Community Center. She has since performed at Cedar Point in Ohio and has competed in dance competitions in Virginia Beach.

While her initial classes started with Renee, Lizzie has been lucky enough to take classes from Maria Hammer, Sahra Deroy, and Joanna Abel. As a member of the Pittsburgh Bellydance Community, she has had the privilege of working with dancers in the Pittsburgh area and is very grateful for many internationally known dancers being brought into the community for workshops because of such amazing dancers. Some dancers she has had the pleasure of learning from are Asharah, Rachel Brice, Belladonna Boheme, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Moria Chappell, Kami Liddle, Malia of Hawaii and Sharon Kihara.  

Lizzie lives vicariously through Datura Online when she is unable to make classes, and is working on her Hot Pot ITS certification with Joanna Abel. Lizzie also just recently attended her first Pennsic where she was introduced to fire circles and even more amazing dancers. She enjoys sharing her love of dance with others, is inspired by the beauty in movement and music, and finds escape within her performances.