Golden Gun Fusion Bellydance

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Erin Rose

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Erin Rose has been belly dancing since 2006 when Liz brought her to classes she had been taking in Sewickley. While her initial classes and first troupe started with Renee Bishop and Shimmies in Motion, she and three others, including Liz, left to form BelliBeautiez, who performed together until mid 2013, and then Golden Gun Fusion began with herself and Liz.

As a member of the Pittsburgh Bellydance Community, Erin Rose has had the opportunity to take workshops form many instructors visiting the city. Some dancers she has had the pleasure of learning from are Asharah, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Amy Sigil of Unmata, Kami Liddle, Yazmine of the Magic Hip Dancers, Mavi, Malia of Hawaii, Ava Fleming, Tamera Juel, BellaDonna, Jill Parker, Ruby Beh, Ebony Qualls, Lisa Zahiya, Nina Amaya with Ishtar, Sherena, Zobeida Ghattas, Nefertiti, Katrina of DC, Anjelica Scannura, Fauruza, and Rosa Noreen. Within the city, Erin Rose has gotten to study with Maria Hamer, Amethyst, Sahra Deroy, and is currently a student of Joanna Abel.

Erin Rose is currently working on her Hot Pot ITS certification with Joanna Abel. She is also a member to Datura Online - Rachel Brice's Online Studio, and enjoys taking many classes and workshops from a variety of dancers.